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Hawthorn Counseling Group is an interdisciplinary mental health group practice serving Illinois' northern Lake County area. The principal member and founder of Hawthorn Counseling Group, Dr. John Jochem, celebrated his 20th year of practice as a licensed clinical psychologist in 2009. After accruing a number of years of experience as a clinician, administrator and educator, Dr. Jochem formed Hawthorn Counseling Group in 1995 to support his own practice and provide a setting to collaborate with colleagues similarly dedicated to excellence in behavioral health care.

Hawthorn Counseling Group offices are located in Vernon Hills, Illinois near Hawthorn Center Mall.


Our Mission

The clinical programs and services of Hawthorn Counseling Group are anchored in three core values:

We know that individuals, couples or families seeking our professional help are likely to be struggling through a period of increased stress. The stress may be triggered by a recent trauma or change, or it may the result of cumulative strain from an ongoing difficulty that has finally led to the decision to seek help. For some people the decision to seek counseling can, in itself, be a difficult choice. It is our goal to provide care in a relaxed, comfortable setting, providing a supportive environment for patients to develop new strategies for managing the stressors in their lives.

Our own experience has been consistent with key findings of many studies which have demonstrated the effectiveness of psychotherapy: a collaborative approach to treatment is essential for success. The practice of psychotherapy follows the general structure found in other healthcare services (e.g., when you see your family doctor). The starting point is an evaluation of the presenting problem and gathering a history of the problem. Patients have usually already been making efforts to manage the difficulty themselves and it is important to learn what efforts towards resolution have already been attempted and why they have not been successful. Treatment goals are then identified, collaboratively, between the patient and treating clinician. We work with our patients to identify achievable treatment goals and, when indicated, we invite the participation of other family members or other involved healthcare professionals. Recommendations are provided as to whether counseling should proceed on individual basis or perhaps marital work or family therapy is indicated. These decisions are approached in a joint manner, an approach which continues throughout the course of treatment. Collaboratively, we seek to support, educate and coach our patients as they develop a new understanding of the origins of their difficulties and learn improved coping strategies.

Numerous clinical outcome studies have demonstrated that psychotherapy is an effective intervention for the management of mood problems, anxiety disorders, traumatic events, relationship difficulties and a host of other common struggles. The clinicians of Hawthorn Counseling Group have extensive training in human development, the diagnosis and classification of psychological problems and in psychotherapy methods which have been demonstrated to be effective. In general, our treatment philosophy emphasizes a brief, solution-focused approach to care which is designed to promote both short-term symptom relief and longer-term growth.


Our Comprehensive Range of Services

The core mission of Hawthorn Counseling Group is to provide psychological care to individuals, couples and families. However, we also provide a number of other psychological services—we welcome you to explore our website for further information on the continuum of services provided by our practice and we appreciate your interest in Hawthorn Counseling Group.


Treatment is available for adults, adolescents, couples & families to address a wide range of presenting problems.

Divorce Coaching, Mediation & Parenting Coordination

Hawthorn Counseling Group is provider of alternative dispute resolution services, including collaborative divorce practice (e.g., divorce coaching and child specialist services) and mediation for couples, families and organizations. We also provide parenting coordination services for divorced parents who are struggling with post-decree parenting disputes.

Evaluation Services

Several assessment services are available through Hawthorn Counseling Group. The staff of HCG have developed specialized evaluation services to meet the needs of the community, such as school fitness evaluations and pre-surgical assessments for patients under consideration for bariatric surgery.

Professional Training

Please visit our Professional Training page to learn of the various training programs and services provided through our practice.

Community Education

Hawthorn Counseling Group serves as a speaker's bureau for the Lake County area, providing educational presentations regarding behavioral health issues at schools, agencies and other organizations. Check out our community education page for a listing of topics. And be sure to visit our dowloads page for copies of handouts and other materials.


Dr. John Jochem, provides consultation to social service agencies and hospital-based psychiatric programs concerning programmatic issues, regulatory compliance and strategic planning. Additionally, Dr. Jochem has extensive experience consulting to schools in the aftermath of traumatic events and provides training and consultation to schools regarding suicide prevention, clinical case consultation and also in the area of violence prevention.

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